Got the Job guys. 😃

I would def use a library for this rather than code from scratch… Bootstrap has one though Ken Wheeler’s slick slider is more flexible… The implementation is easy you just need to configure it.


Thank you. Might have to learn how to do that through YouTube and all.

But still gotta learn others ways maybe lets say if I want to create a shopping website in the future which shows products pics’ with react right. If it would work then too then problem in solved.

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I am overwhelmed. After going through these posts, I find myself being motivated to forge ahead.
Currently, am going through FCC’s curriculum and also undergoing a full time B-Eng course. I don’t know if it is reasonable.


This is really helpful.

Thank you!


You can do it brother! What worked for me the best was setting a timer on my phone of 1 hour everyday and coding. Or whatever amount of time you can dedicate say 45 minutes, 30 minutes etc but importantly being committed to doing to everyday. Apart from when we have exams and you really can’t give time then taking a break of 15 days or so but it might not be necessary too if we can utilise time properly.

If I dedicate 1 hour its like giving 4% of our day for something that might as well be one of our best investment of time. Then I’d have 23-say 7-8 hours of sleep then, 15-16 hours for other things. Say 3-4 hours for school then I’d be left with 12 hours.

When I saw it that way that is i would be left with 12 hours everyday let’s say for other activities 2 hours then I’d still be left with a 10 hours for doing self study for my school work, I told myself there’s no excuse not to do it. Good luck!


I will try it.
Actually, i thought about that but I didn’t implement because I find it difficult to live on schedules. Maybe I was a little lazy.
Thank you so much for the advice


My advice to me and you is to:
Practice, Practice, Practice !!!

To improve and sharpen your JavaScript skills use these websites:


To improve and sharpen your HTML, CSS, React and other CSS frameworks, build projects by using this site:

Hope this helps :grinning:


Just got the job guys. Thank you all. I am and will forever be grateful for this platform and the people who worked hard to make this possible including the donors that help keep this running and much love to the people in this forum for all your help and encouragement. Lots of love and gratitude. :pray: :heart:

It’s not really a dream job at a dream company with a dream salary and definitely not somewhere I want to be for the rest of my life as my goals are much bigger like for example go to graduate school or work for a big company with a good salary. But it’s a start and just gives a glimpse into what can be possible if I put the work in.


Sincerely, Congratulations!
Great to see that good actions of students and donors give its respective good results.
Congratulations again for getting the job. Keep in contact with the forum and never stop of learning. You have made a great step.
Best wishes


Thank you. Above everything else I am so happy to tell people that I am a software developer.

Yes, Learning is a lifelong process. Here, there’s a whole bunch of certifications to complete and 10 more coming I think. Lots of opportunities for growth. And yes I will be here, I love being here, helping others who are struggling is so satisfying.


You are welcome, thank you for keep us updated.
Although my focus is in data science, I understand your feeling.
Hopefully you will go well through those growth opportunities and good that you continue in the forum.
Post data:

Just for curiosity , in CS :thinking:?


Probably math, physics or computational areas of it.

Most of the jobs I have done far have been as a teacher at a school or a math tutor so I have special place in my heart for teaching/being in the academia learning and teaching math and science. I just started coding without much serious thought in July of 2020 just hoping that I may be able to get a good paying remote job with a good pay. I now am in love with it too like how much it utilizes the same problem solving skills and also the artistic side of it like creating beautiful websites, apps and all. I honestly failed my first programming class got a D in it lol but FreeCodeCamp changed that.

If I am not able to give around 4 hours to my studies and 2.5 hours to some other activities, then I might not continue this job to be honest, will see how it works out. I am very happy that I got it though. It just showed or was a very good proof what is possible if I put the work in.


Well you have a good quantitative background, that could help (in grad school and in many industries.)
Regarding the job, give a try, at least a couple of months. If after that, you really feel suffocated you can leave, but in any case you would have won experience as a Dev.


Yes will try and see how it goes. I have yet to know how many hours do I have to work, how stressful the job is, how tiring it is etc and above all whether I can give time, energy/focus to my studies after work.


Thanks for your posts , I have been watching this from start and learnt many things from you and other guys.


You got this! Best of luck to you on your learning journey!

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Hey dude, I wrote you a couple of days ago. I’m super glad you made it . could you tell us how much you’ll be earning ( if that’s not rude to ask ) and , it’s a fully remote position?

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It’s kind of an uncomfortable question as I’m here in Nepal so if I tell you the exact amount then it would seem low if converted to USD even if the pay for here was excellent enough to live a very nice life like the salary of a full stack developer with several years of experience, as buying power in different places are different. For me a pay that I’d be happy with is about 5-6 months of rent and food costs taking the fact into consideration that I am a complete beginner with just front end skills with knowledge of just one framework. You can calculate the pay according to how much it would cost where you live at. And for me I just was told by the HR assistant that I got the job, I am yet to meet with the HR for final contract/pay.

And yes, ideally I would like to work remotely in a company that’s outside of Nepal say in the US or somewhere in Europe(I actually applied for a remote job at a company in Denmark but was just asked some questions over email but didn’t get an interview), or when I go and do my graduate schooling there, real deal $ starts then :grinning:

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Yeah, but the hardest part is getting your foot in the door, which you just did. In a few years you’ll be in a much better position. In 5 years you’ll be able to write your own ticket.

It’s kind of an uncomfortable question as I’m here in Nepal so if I tell you the exact amount then it would seem low if converted to USD…

Yeah, don’t feel bad about not telling - I wouldn’t. And yeah, comparing salaries in such different locations doesn’t mean much. And first jobs may not pay much, depending on where you are.

Congrats, have fun. You’ve just taken a very difficult step into a new world.


Thanks brother. It’s because of your guidance too when I was having so much difficulty with react in the beginning. :pray:

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