Governmental forms for scholarship

I would like to take advantage of a one year sabbatical and use the time to get more into programming/development.
In my homecountry, Austria, it is possible to apply for a scholarship. However there are obviously some required forms and certifications:

  1. A document that states when a course/curriculum was started (even better: will be started, since I have to apply beforehand) and how many hours are to be expected until it is finished. I couldn’t find the info on when i enrolled or did the first lesson in a curriculum. The duration seems to be 300 hours per curriculum, right?
  2. A form in German with some questions on how many hours, which institute, fixed schedule and similiar. The crucial question on it is more or less the following: “If there is no fixed weekly schedule, does the institute (FCC in this case), log login times so that it is possible to check if the student complies with at least 25% of online time of the 20 obligatory weekly study hours? Yes, No” This means I would have to do 20 weekly hours of studying (they can base it on the total curriculum duration and divide it by weeks. i.e. 300 total hours / 20 weekly hours = 15 weeks to finish the curriculum. And at least 25% of those 20 hours I would have to be logged into the page studying. I guess it’s difficult to get an answer on this one. I however also got the information that the governmental institution won’t have any way to check those login times, since it merely asks the aforementioned question and doesn’t require a detailed list of login times. So it amounts to the question if FCC is able to fill in this form (I’m allowed to do my own translation, although it would be easier to have it in German rightaway) and if they can check Yes on this question. (I will copy the form further down)
  3. Certificate of completion which states name of course, duration, my name, institute name, date of issue. Seems like the certificate already states those informations. However would there be any possibility to also have the start date on the certificate.

I hope I was able to express the requirements. If you need more details, please tell me so.

Thanks for your help and clarifications.

the complete mentioned form in German (excuse the formatting, I’m copying the pdf):

Anmeldebestätigung für Onlinekurse
Kursinstitut : _________________________________________________________
Adresse : _________________________________________________________
Tel. Nr.: _________________________________________________________
E-Mail: _________________________________________________________

  • Fixe Kursanmeldebestätigung für:

_______________________________ Geburtsdatum: ____________
Name und Dauer der Kursmaßnahme: ___________________________________
von: _____________________________ bis: ______________________________

  • Es liegt ein inhaltlich festgelegter Schulungsplan zu der Kursmaßnahme vor:


  • Falls eine Verlängerung der Kursdauer möglich ist, hat die Kursteilnehmerin / der Kursteilnehmer ausdrücklich darauf verzichtet:
    Verlängerung ist nicht möglich

  • Die durchschnittlichen wöchentlichen Kurszeiten inkl. Lernzeiten betragen –

wobei die (Online-)Kurszeiten mindestens 25% der nachstehenden
Wochenstunden umfassen:
10 Wochenstunden
16 Wochenstunden
20 Wochenstunden
andere Anzahl an Wochenstunden (bitte genau angeben): ______________

  • Gibt es wöchentliche vorgeschriebene (Online-)Kurszeiten seitens des

Wenn ja, wann, an welchem Tag und zu welchen Uhrzeiten?

  • Wenn nein, werden die erforderlichen (Online-)Kurszeiten von mindestens 25%

seitens des Kursinstitutes überprüft?

  • Eine im Schulungsplan vorgesehene interaktive Erarbeitung des Lehrstoffes ist

Ja, in Form von: _____________________________

  • Die schulungstypische Möglichkeit zur (elektronischen) Kommunikation mit dem

Kursträger zu inhaltlichen Fragestellungen ist gegeben:
Ja, in Form von: _____________________________

Datum _____________ Stempel und Unterschrift ___________________________

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