Gradebook App, feeling lost and ready to give up

Im genuinely lost and on the verge of giving up. i got through html easy enough. i cant find any examples, i cant any videos, i dont know what to google because i dont even know what question im trying to ask. ive redone the pyramind builder twice. hasnt helped at all with the gradebook app. ive got to the point where i wrote down let sum = 0 and an empty for loop, but no amount of googling is helping. this really needs more structure and is horribly discouraging :confused: does someone have a video with steps? i dont even know what im supposed to be trying to ask because it gives so little explanation

Don’t give up!

When I was trying to learn on my own, I often found myself revisiting topics like variable declaration or the structure of a for loop repeatedly. This was because the resources I used, like Youtube videos, felt like being taught by an old-fashioned school teacher. They lacked realistic examples or provided only a few basic usage examples. It was all about syntax, syntax, syntax, definitions, explanations… I took hundreds of pages of notes but ended up forgetting 90% of it. I initially learned C# this way, but I never became proficient in it. However, when I started to develop and learn with real examples, small projects, or problems, my learning accelerated. I’m still using this approach to learn backend or databases from FCC lessons, as coding or becoming a developer is an endless learning path, and I love it.

So, FCC doesn’t make things easy. There is a lot of documentation available to explain everything. I just send one but there is more then one. If you go and read them directly, you will forget everything. But if you wonder or need them? The main focus of FCC lessons is on teaching through implementation. This means the lessons encourage struggling, facing problems, and finding solutions by yourself because this is the best way to learn. If you find the right solution by yourself, you’re less likely to forget it. Your brain should be in survival mode, not looking for easy answers but earning knowledge through your own thoughts.

Additionally, you should wonder, search, or ask questions like “What is that?” “Where does that come from?” “What happened to that variable?” or “What is this function for?” If you search for something out of curiosity, you can learn more. For example, how to iterate through array elements with a loop and how to create a loop. It’s taught in the first lesson, but it’s okay if you forget or don’t understand it well. Just revisit it or look for how to sum an array. There are multiple ways to do it. If you find the solution to the gradebook app, you’ll probably never forget it.

Furthermore, programming languages like JavaScript require more logical and dynamic thinking compared to markup languages like HTML. While many things in HTML are written by simply repeating them in a basic manner, with JavaScript, you can create them much shorter and more dynamically. For instance, the purpose of a loop is to create a function that performs the same operations multiple times without repeating them. In this context, problem-solving thinking needs to be diversified. Platforms like HackerRank have millions of people trying to improve their thinking structure or perspective by solving problems at every level. In programming, there’s never just one solution; there’s always a better one. At least, that’s how I see it… :sweat_smile:

Moreover, try to finish a lesson in one go, without any breaks. If you don’t understand something, ask questions or provide feedback on how things weren’t explained clearly. Also, try to read between the lines. You can watch Youtube videos too, but focus more on projects rather than syntax explanations. There are good videos on the FCC YouTube channel, but starting with problem-solving or interactive lesson is a better approach. Espiaccialy for the basics. And if you don’t use your knowledge like a project starting from scratch or with solving problems, you’ll forget it again.

So as a result don’t give up and rack your brain! :love_you_gesture:

P.S: Also, these are purely my opinions and humble experiences. Everyone’s learning style and experiences may vary. But what I love most about FCC is that it’s a platform that gives everyone a voice :love_you_gesture::slightly_smiling_face:


i kept the first lesson open while i was trying to do the gradebook. i even went through the lesson entirely twice. didnt help at all. no amount of googling any phrases is helping either. ive found 1 other post on the forum with a laid out example, but i have no clue where most of what wrote came from. im probably gonna give up for a while at this point, or look to a different website

That is a good first step.

As for what to google next, try "how to add up a list of numbers for loop javascript"

When I google that, I get the following results

it shows beginner friendly examples that you will use for step 1

I would also suggest looking to youtube videos to help review the basics like this one

When I was learning with fcc back in 2020, I struggled a lot of javacsript too.
I didn’t htink I was ever going to learn it because I struggled to solve a lot of the problems.
I found myself redoing lessons and reading multiple articles and watching videos to help me with the old curriculum’s basic algorithms and intermediate algorithm sections as well as the other challenges.

I had the same feelings about “I am not sure what to do here. Where do I start?”

This is completely normal part of the learning process.
The more problems you solve and more questions you ask, then it will start to make more sense.

Another course I used a lot to help me was Brad Traversey’s course

Try to take these problems one step at a time. And I promise you in due time, it will start to make sense.

hope that helps


First of all great job in reaching this far.

I believe you can pull this off. If all else fails then don’t worry, move on to the next exercise and try your luck.

Maybe you been looking at it for too long? Go for a walk get some tea and enjoy your favourite show and try again tomorrow.

Don’t feel too down because you are struggling. You are not supposed to just “write code” and make it flow. It is trail and error as @0x74h51N mentioned.

If you are stuck often times understanding what is being asked is important @jwilkins.oboe advice is important here.

Make sure you understand what the question is asking and fail many times.

Failing is part of the learning and one of those attempts will get you the result you want. There is no shame in mistakes.

Keep falling.