GrandPa needs HELP!

Hello , I have been trying to convince my grandson that using his creativity to become a coder is better than being a gangster rapper , because we all know that the world has enough gangster rappers…So I have been trying to encourage him to use his creativity to create a website .

Its not that I don’t want him to follow his dream…its just that…sometimes those dreams end up bad.

I challenged him to come up with a website as a way to get him to use his creativity and be more interested in coding…
The project he has come up with is a good one , however , he is becoming very frustrated with the process and so I am asking the Free code camp community to use their coding knowledge and experience to help him see their is a better way than just running the streets at all times of day and night .

His website concept is to combine some open source scripts that we found on the web to create a website that he calls ShopPlanet…it uses 2 open source scripts

when arranged together…basically the combined scripts of the 2nd page , give the effect of the planet Saturn with rotating asteroid rings made of boxes circling the planet…the planet is covered in product images which are website links of clothing , electronics etc …the planet and rings use the objects to links script to connect the user to different websites so they can shop and explore different websites .

The problem is I can’t figure out how to put all the scripts together…it all looks like Chinese to me…
and I am so lost as how to help this kid be more than just a statistic .

Could someone from the Freecodecamp community please , please , please help me by simply writing out what I need to do to stitch these scripts together so it could be visible in the code editor and make it happen for my Grandson…because it seems all I do is talk…yet there are NO results

I have tried so many times to do this… but its just not working…and I really , really need some help…
because the world has enough gangster rappers…and dead kids …

I will take any help on this I can get …just take a look at the code and tell me what to do and I WILL do it …Please just take a minute and tell me what to do .

you can reply here or reach me by email at

Thank you for your consideration
sincerely ,


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You can simply load the scripts individually in the HTML:

<script src="http://path/to/script/one"></script>
<script src="http://path/to/script/two"></script>

There are more complicated methods that will compile scripts together, but I think we can leave a Webpack build system for another day. If this doesn’t work, we’ll need to see the project code in order to give a better answer.

Hope this helps.

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