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Hi guys and gals,
I’m not sure it’s the correct section (and I apologize if it’s not) but I wanted to let you know that on the neo4j website it’s possible to download for free a copy of the O’Reilly’s book “Graph databases”.
The downloaded format can be pdf, epub or mobi.

The page URL is this:

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Does the site have express permission from O’Reilly to have a pdf of the book? If it is truly free, they would not need to collect information in the form. I am not comfortable with this.

Neo4j is a legitimate company, registered with Companies House in the UK, and the address details on the website match that data ( The form is probably just to harvest data to market its products/services.

Neo4j has several books on its ‘bookshelf’, not all free.

That is the part I don’t like.

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Me neither. I avoid the valuable data for low-cost product exchange as much as possible.

My thesis is on Neo4j. You do end up quite a lot of marketing e-mails once you fill out that form, more so in my case (because of the sheer amount of products, software, and materials I have had to download), but yes, for all intents and purposes, the book is free and quite informative.

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I like Neo4j and I agree with @leebut. O’Reilly has published some books that were originally in the public domain in HTML form. In the case of “Graph Databases 2nd Edition” it says, “O’Reilly books may be purchased for educational, business, or sales promotional use.”

Hi, I joined today to download some books:

  • form asks no personal data, except nation (* I never lie on web)
  • they invite you to webinars of interest
  • they give you that books
    as for my experience they are just a nice company to me.
    Many thanks

They are still asking for personal information on this website:

  • except Country

I had no trouble at giving “mr. J. D. working at #” to get subscribed.

Moreover, I was right now studying about Graphs and Management as a mathematic concept, and here I fall into this company who works with combining Graphs and Databases! They found me really enthusiast; they also offer free courses. Enjoy with no worry. Bye

Ah. The form is still asking for that personal information. You just chose (quite reasonably) to provide inaccurate data. It’s still asking though.

It deals on a well estabilished company and a well known product in the field, which my course on Big Data is going to describe, since the graph-approach allows a deeper interaction to a larger amount of datasets.

It’s not the only one of this kind (see Apache Tinkerpop) but if you’re scarcely interested in this topic, then talking about such books and mailing lists, is completely pointless. Bye