Graph search algorithms

What is graph search algorithms? Are they like trees?

So here are some definitions and references:

  • What is a Graph - You might think of a “bar graph” or something, but when it comes to programming and computer science, a graph is a distinct data type. There are different types of graph’s, and are usually defined as a structure with nodes and edges.
  • What is a Tree - Trees in programming and computer science are a distinct type of Graph, where a graph follows a “tree-like” structure. A tree can be “built” and used differently allowing for different types and use-cases. (For example, a Binary Tree)
  • What is a Graph Search Algorithm? - There are a number of algorithms that can be used to search a graph. Which one you want to use depends on what your doing, and what kind of tree you interacting with. (Example Depth First Search)

Data structures and algorithms as a whole, should be learned as these problems appear all the time and can be used as tools to solve a given problem by relying on what has has been learned in the past. Being able to identify a problem as a known data structure and or apply the correct algorithm is one reason its useful to know these sorts of things. You don’t have to become a pro at all of it, but the more you know, the more “tools” you get in your toolbox.

Good luck :smiley: