Graphic card measurement

How is the power of a graphics card measured?
Just like CPUs are measured with the core count and frequency MAINLY.

Thanks for the answer.

GPUs also have a core count and frequency, but like with CPUs, this is not the only thing that matters for performance.

Like with CPUs, other factors, such as available memory, memory bandwidth, type of bus, ect affect the performance as well. GPUs are after all, just hundreds or thousands of compute cores working in concert with a larger system.

The best way to measure performance is not to use raw statistics of individual components, but rather to look at performance benchmarks for the entire system or subsystem.


But…but then how can I benchmark a laptop.
For example, in game minimum requirements, the processor name and frequency is mentioned.
Core I5 2.8GHZ.
But for graphics, they just mention a certain graphics card, or something equivalent to that.
How am I supposed to find its equivalent?!
I can’t benchmark, because they don’t give the score I’m supposed to get in which benchmarking software.

If you want to know if your graphics card is similar to another, I’d just Google “[graphics card 1] vs [graphics card 2]”. You’ll get lots of comparison data.

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Got it!!
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