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Hi there,

I am currently taking the JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures course and I have completed 85% of it. However, when I revisit the challenges after a day, I struggle to recall the concepts and it can be frustrating.

I am able to write small functions to a degree, but at times I feel that I haven’t fully grasped the concepts, which makes me rethink if I should complete the course or go back and practice until it makes sense.

I would greatly appreciate any suggestions or resources you may have that could help me improve my retention and understanding of the material.

Hi @QyperXit !

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That is completely normal and most beginners go through it.
It is important to remember that you have only had limited experience with these concepts.
It will take time and practice before you will develop confidence and will be able to recall much better.

Also, completely normal.
The more problems you solve over a period of time will develop your skill set and create a strong grasp on what is going on.

If you have a basic understanding, keep moving through the course.
If you are completely lost on a topic, then watch a few youtube videos or read articles to develop that basic understanding.
Notice how I am emphasizing “basic” understand and not complete or deep understand.
Deep understanding of this material only comes with significant practice and a lot of time invested building projects and working on professional projects or open source projects.

I used to use exercism and codewars to help with the algorithm challenges and problem solving skills.

I also used Brad Traversy’s videos on concepts that were harder for me to understand.

I would also suggest after you finish the JavaScript course to start building small projects.
JavaScript 30 is pretty popular.

Hope that helps!

Thank you for the advice, It can be difficult to know if progress is being made, especially when facing challenges. I will continue to persevere.

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Here’s a rewritten version of the text with corrected spelling and grammar:

I just wanted to say thank you for your advice. Since the last time we spoke, it has helped me a lot. Even though it took some time, I am now able to solve basic JavaScript algorithms. I pushed through the advanced section of JavaScript but struggled with the latter half of the curriculum and often needed help from hints and answers.

I know I may be asking the same question again, but I am currently doing the JavaScript30 course that you recommended. While I can understand the new concepts being taught to build certain apps, I feel that I am not yet at the level where I can do it on my own. This makes me feel a little disheartened as I wonder if I would be able to build such apps by myself if the opportunity arose.

I was wondering how someone can reach a self-sufficient level when each app uses new JavaScript functions and concepts that can add more confusion to the mind.

Any information would be greatly appreciated."