Grateful for FCC

I’m grateful for this platform. About a year ago, I became frustrated with my job and where I was headed. In 2010, I graduated with a BA in history, having zero intention of using that degree or pursuing a career in teaching/research. Mistake #1.

Years later, I found myself working the front desk at a government office, and I was getting frustrated with my future. Rather than thinking of myself as incapable of change, I decided to learn how to code. I grew up playing video and computer games, and back in the day of MySpace, I enjoyed editing my page often! So I found FCC, started a website on FreeHostia, and was really into HTML and CSS. Then, last summer, I was promoted and didn’t have as much time to code. So, I gave up on the idea. Mistake #2.

Now, I’m back at FCC, but not out of hatred for my job this time. I enjoy my coworkers and my new position within my government office, but a few coworkers have asked if this what I want to do for my career. After a lot of thinking… No, it isn’t! I’d much rather have a skill that is useful worldwide, for the future, and constantly developing (dad jokes on point!) So here I am, back at FCC, cranking out code daily.

I’m thankful that this resource not only teaches us how to code, but gives us opportunities to make a portfolio linked to GitHub that can be seen by potential employers. In the future, my hope is to develop a website and app for a volunteer board of which I am a part. It would reduce city expenditure’s and increase citizen engagement. Fellow coders - I might be preaching to the choir here, but our learned skills are enabling the world to become more efficient, make people responsible and independent, and become the molders of tomorrow. I’m truly excited for all who have been in my position and have gone on to more fruitful careers with development! You all are an encouragement!

And now, back to coding. :slight_smile:


I love it! Welcome back to FCC! It’s the best web development resource on the web today!