Great tribute projec in free code camp

i am unable to view my image as of i am giving the proper image src address please do help me
code is here

You what m8?
On the off chance this is real. Find another image. Or upload your own in cloudinary

This is most likely spam/malware thing. Do not try and access the link. Title of the post does not match with the actual question and person joined 2H ago just to post this? Sorry if I am being to suspicious but I do not want people to get malware or something like it.

Thanks for flagging and making us aware. We initially hid it, but after discussion determined that it was indeed a valid 64bit image.


@kavyavicky, your problem is that you added .jpeg on the end - remove this and your image should load up.

Thanks to @DanCouper for sorting this out.

Apologies for the false alarm! I was not going to click on that on my work PC :smiley:

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