Greek God Thematic Portfolio Page (Feedback wanted)

Thematic Greek God Portfolio Page

This is my second project ever. Please help by critiquing it, especially if you provide the solution to any problems it might have.

This was incredibly fun and fulfilling to do.

Let me know your thoughts!


Hey there!

I’m only a newbie here, so I’m unfortunately not able to give you much technical feedback, but, I thought it was good enough to actually send a message :slight_smile:

I thought it was genuinely quite charming and amusing. I think the simplicity of style works really well, like the way the page flows by scrolling, but is broken up into pages by the background images. The use of negative space I find quite eye-catching too.

Suggestions for improvement?

  • I’d say maybe try out different fonts, I wasn’t keen on the one you’ve used - looks a bit too standard?

  • Also try using the same shade of black as your background image for your text (should be able to use a dropper-tool in most graphics editors to find out the right value)? Might blend better.

  • I’d work on your submissions form a bit too - maybe round off the edges, use a well to give it some depth, and get the colours to blend in with the background more.

Great work! :+1: