Greetings and what not

Hello campers! My name is Laura, and 13 from Chile, you can imagine i’m no seasoned programmer :smile:, i know basic css and html, and a bit of JS.

I’m still not sure what i want out of this, i like the idea of being able to create something people can use, maybe make lives easier, or more fun.

I’m very interested in learning NodeJS, i’d like to learn “vanilla”, i don’t want to learn how to use frameworks without knowing what’s going on underneath.

i think that’s it? some people know me from my brief moments on Gitter and i guess if you want to know more, you can ask :blush:

Welcome to FCC. :slight_smile: Are you saying that you are more interested in making a great feature rather than interface? I actually want to learn nodeJS in the future,too.

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well, yeah, i always figured if i get to make websites or a programs, i’ll have someone good at interfaces to help :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks! yeah, i know about YDKJS and i’m actually in the first book.

I do intend to learn framework, i just don’t want to know an specific framework without actually knowing how things work

Haha. Same with me then. :stuck_out_tongue: I like to see beautiful websites but I hate making interfaces for a website.

Laurette, my kids started coding at an early age. There have been people who bypass college because they already have the skills they need to be a coder. Keep working and you will be better than most!