Grid-area not working CSS Grid

I’m trying to space out the portfolio section of my page and the pictures won’t move even though I set the grid-area. Can someone help please?

Try another way to align them, for example use justify-content. Take a look here and try different combinations. You should revisit Flexbox and Grid tutorials from freeCodeCamp.
CSS Flexbox - Learn freeCodeCamp
CSS Grid - Learn freeCodeCamp
justify-content - CSS - MDN

I wanted to practice CSS Grid is why I decided to use it :slight_smile: but thank you.

try this way,
you are nesting the image within the anchor element, placement on the grid would fall to that parent anchor element. since that element is not a grid container assigning grid coordinates to the child will do nothing
alternatively to what I did you could assign each anchor element a unique class and declare the coordinates for that
and you have an unclosed anchor element as well

Thank you I will try this!