Grid - Gap Issue

Hi Everyone,

I’m currently working on another tribute page and I’m having trouble with the grid gap property. I’d like to remove the grid gap completely but after setting it to 0 I still have a gap vertically on the columns. Can anyone help me out on this? :smiley:

You need to be more specific.

What columns are you having an issue with?

So if you scroll down to the checkerboard grid (light & dark gray boxes) you’ll notice there is a grid gap on the columns but not on the rows.

I’ve noticed if I make my browser smaller the gap disappears but on a full screen the gap is present. I hope this helps…

Your grid boxes have a fixed width but your grid container is set to 80% width with columns of 1fr. The grid is expanding the way you’ve set it up to, but the boxes can’t expand to fill the space. Either make the boxes responsive or the grid container fixed.


Thank you very much!!

Sorry about my late reply. Glad @InternetFriend provided you with the solution!

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