Grid Layout or Bootstrap?

Hey everyone this is my first post here

I wanted to ask you about CSS Grid, I tried to build the tribute project page using it but I wasn’t able to get it to work. And I still don’t know what the issue was even though I understood the challenges fairly well.

I kept trying and deleting for a whole day till I deleted everything today.

Now, I have been thinking…
Do web developers use Bootstrap all the time for their websites or do they use CSS Grid and media queries?

Please help me understand this and where can I better learn how to build a CSS Grid page from scratch cuz i’m positive there must be something wrong in what I typed.

It depends, if a developer wants to build a sophiscated and fancy layout and/or wants more control and customizations, grid is definitely more preferred. On the other hand, bootstrap quickly sets you up with your layouts and keep it hassle free to build your layout.

I am sure you can find lots of good tutorials on css grid on google and youtube :slight_smile:

Good luck!

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Thanks for your answer.
I’m currently not able to watch videos, but don’t you have any resources that you’d recommend?

This is a good tutorial

This is a good reference.

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