Grid row not spanning to full page length

Hi all,

I am just starting to go through the Learn CSS Grid course and am having difficultly with getting my menu div to span from top-to-bottom on either side of the page and am hoping someone with more experience can explain what I’m missing.

Here is a link to my code:

On line 29 of the CSS file, you can see that I have it set to grid-row: 1 / 14. That spans the full length. However, when I try grid-row: 1 / -1, it only goes to what would be row line 13.

Thanks in advance!

in content you have that set to grid-row: 2 / -1 and this is wrong … set it to grid-row: 2 / 12 as you have a footer placed under this …
then when you set menu to grid-row: 1/-1 it will work

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Ah thank you! That fixed it. I suppose as I delve deeper into CSS Grid I’ll understand better when I should span elements with -1 and when to span elements with specific fraction units.