Group Project - Attendance Log

I won’t be at the Meetup, but I’ll get a Kanban board setup for project management so you can use it.

Right now figuring out the number of query pages – so no “design as in headers/footer and pretty stuff” just table formats (notes are in cyan/aqua)

basically thinking out loud.

automatic attendance, you download the app on your phone, give it permission to access your location. when you show up at the library marks you as attended and the time you show up.

@intaglioplate and @kathleeng77 are you able to drop the initial front-end design mockups into the project repository?

I’m going to attempt to get this project moving forward this week. I’ll start by tweaking some of the Trello items to be more self-contained to do items rather than the broad descriptions we currently have in there so that people can start picking action items to work on.

Once that is done, @Ruchika-Roy and I have previously discussed that maybe month long sprints with weekly stand-ups might work well for us since we all have varying time/schedule to work on things. What is everyone’s opinion on that cadence?

I’m redoing the wireframes. I had started to use materialize ui, but all the javascript errors when just setting up the initial html files made me rethink things. I am going to use Bootstrap … should have wireframes redone with bootstrap ui by Wednesday at latest. Initial HTML files shortly thereafter.
Sorry for the delays.

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Files are updated on XD site, not in github.
Having issues with my SSL key (looking forward to July being over)

Will export .pngs of page views to Trello
Might make the meetup on Sunday if not cancelled.