Group study for beginners

I am new to coding and I was wondering if we beginners can create a decent group to be able to code more efficiently and also to be able to share knowledge and all. If anyone is interested, let me know !
Else Happy coding and be patient cause patience is virtue ////


I am interested. I have started js now and feel like a group could make it more understandable & fun-filled. Can I join your group?


I am interested too, a group would be a great way to motivate each other, right now I am learning Basic JS.

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<redacted> is mymail mail me i will put you in a group

yes. that would be great…

check your email.


Yeah you can ofcourse
Send me a mail <redacted>


This sounds fun. I’m in for this. I have a lot of brain-blowers about de-structuring arrays and don’t even get me started of regex. So I’m game too. Are we talking like a server on discord or maybe like WhatsApp or something?

I too have the same query. And I think FCC has its own discord for groups.

@kesh20 you may not want to post email addresses as spam bots can get to them. Maybe PM the email instead.

Hello guys, I’m new here and i’m interested too. Any update on the group?

interested, I am curretnly learnıng java but I can start c++ or python too ıf more people interested to that

Yeah right, its a good idea to make group

Hi there!
is the group working ??
I’m learning python here in FCC certification and it would be great if we can make small work groups.
Like a bootcamp: choose some simple project,s maybe real case, work together, etc.