GRRRRRRR, WTF happened with my pen?

I posted the link here yesterday, asking for some help and today when I logged in, it’s all messed up!!!
Nothing works, my images are in different places and massive sizes!!!
Second time it happens like this.

If you’re implying that people here have gone in and messed up your project, that’s not possible. No one has the authorization to save changes to your pens except the password holder (ideally, that’s you, and only you).

I’m not implying, sorry if it came across like that, I just have no idea why it is happening again.
I post my link, and when I want to try the suggestions, my pen is completely messed up, despite of looking alright for two days.
I don’t understand how it is possible.

My guess is, that your site is not responsive, and while it looked all right on fullscreen, it looks messed up if you look at it with different browser window width (or on mobile).