Grunt and nodejs?

hello i just recently started using notepad++ just to get more used to a text editor. and im having a really hard time installing grunt in order to use bootstrap library. i literally dont have a clue of what im doing. i also have a hard time using the microsoft command promt from microsoft since the keyboard just seems to be switched because none of the brackets are in their right place on the keyboard when i use the command promt.

I don’t understand. Could you show an example?

What have you tried? You definitely don’t need to use Grunt or Node in order to use Bootstrap, so unless you’re doing some server-side coding, just skip it.

You should try using visual visual studio as IDE, aside from the text editor it has an integrated console that can make things much easier. I think it’d be easier using npm to use bootstrap too.

If you can provide what are the files you’re using it’d be easier to provide help.

The command prompt is a pretty unhelpful terminal. I would advise using Git Bash if you are working on Windows and want to do command line work.

Personally I run Git Bash inside cmder and it makes the command line much easier (than Powershell or the command prompt), not to mention nicer on the eye.

As the others have said, you don’t need Grunt of Node to use Bootstrap on your projects. The Bootstrap documentation is actually pretty good. Have a look here to get started using Bootstrap on your own computer. They provide a nice starter template to get you up and going.

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What’s the advantage of using using Git Bash inside cmder as opposed to Git Bash by itself?

The interface looks a bit nicer and can be customized a bit more. That’s pretty much it.

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thank you guys
very helpful