Guest Evaluation Survey Form

My survey form project. I’m trying to get competent with CSS Grids.

Survey Form

If you run your code through a validator you’ll see you have some errors matching the for attributes with the label elements. Lines 24, 27, 30 and 34.

As an aside, if you do the projects in codepen it has a built in validators for HTML and CSS.

Also don’t think you need to use the browser prefixes for box-shadow any more. You can check at

Btw, seems like my comments have stopped others from commenting. Sorry about that. I think you have a nice clean design. Good use of grid.
Maybe center the title and description so everything isn’t so left heavy balanced, but that’s a nit.

Good catch, thanks. I was matching the for attribute to the input name attribute when it should have been the id. Mental note to run through a validator for now on.

I’m slowly starting to get into that habit myself.