Guidance for someone that is starting to understand

Good day everyone,
I wanted to learn how to code so that I can have a way to express myself and maybe make some money on the side but I am having some trouble wrapping my head around a few things, I have done the tutorial on this site over and over and over and then I have tried my luck with sublime text and now I am trying with Jet Brain Web Storm … the 2 are quite different and every time I think I understand a bit a hole bucket of questions pop up, so what I am asking is if anyone has like 5 minutes and could explain to me a few things over discord, I would really appreciate it. Now because of my job I am not all the time in front of the computer but if some one is willing I will do my best to learn as fast as possible.
my Discord is: Xandru8 #4670

Thank you again.

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Is your tag correct? What questions do you have?

Good day, do you mean on my post on the forum tags or do you mean from discord ?
and my question is a general thing like when I want to build something do I start from scratch or use a template or even better how do I actually integrate bootstrap 4 in to webstorm, etc. Questions like this that should be obvious I think but for me I can’t really see a clear answer. Would you have time ?

P.S. if you mean discord then yes that is my Id to get in touch. if possible then give me yours.

btw if you are in the discord team on the “Freecodecamp” you can find me there.

Text editors like Sublime and WebStorm are just tools for writing and organizing the files that make up your website. There are lots of options of text editors and they all work a little differently. You don’t integrate bootstrap or any other libraries into your text editor or IDE. The Bootstrap website has information about how you can either download the library or link to their CDN.

Take it one step at a time man. There are a lot of new things to learn.
your text editor is just a tool you use to build things with languages [html, css, javascript].
Just start with HTML and focus on that. Once youre confident in your knowledge move onto CSS. Dont start jumping around to things like bootstrap without understanding these two fundamentals first!
Read some article about web development [or whatever your interests are] and that will give you a better understanding, over time, of what skills you need to refine.

Just focus on things one at a time and you’ll be fine. Try not to overwhelm userself. I also suggest watching some youtube videos about HTML and CSS or buying a udemy course that takes you through it [HTML, css I mean].