still uses the old guide repo to show guides

Hello folks,
I am new here and wanted to contribute towards some articles, so I headed to the and clicked on the guide[dot]freecodecamp[dot]com, there I see that some articles are stubs and click on them eg: guide[dot]freecodecamp[dot]org/security/ in here the VPNs article is tagged as a STUB.

as it turns out the link on that page leads to a repository that is archived and read-only. Instead, the main Freecodecamp repository has a folder called guides, when I go there and check under the security folder, there is already a markdown file for VPNs.

My question is, why won’t the guides[dot]freecodecamp[dot]com link to the newer links, as it is quite misleading when contributors want to write new guides.

PS: I am new here and cannot post links, so I had to improvise.

Just wait a few more weeks and all of those articles will be moved to production. They are working through a few bugs with the latest changes in the repo, before moving it to production. We have reviewed over 10K pull requests since October which make thousands of changes to the guide and curriculum. Just hang in there a bit longer.

You can see what the new changes will look like on the beta site.

those bugs you talk about, any chance they are tagged specifically so people can contribute and fix them?

Most are dev ops issues, but there are a few UI and core site functionality issues still being ironed out. Most have open pull requests which are being reviewed and tested. You can can see all open issues and open pull requests on GitHub. Keep in mind, that issues/pull requests which are critical to the move to production are labelled as such.

You are welcome to comment on any critical issues if you have suggestions beyond what is being tried with existing pull requests.

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thanks for the info :slight_smile: Ill Look into it.