Guidelines for Making Websites

After building a few websites, I thought of looking for guidelines or industry best practices to illustrate the shoulds and shouldn’ts in building a website. The first place I searched was FCC’s forum, and I didn’t find any which was interesting because the curriculum can definitely be improved with it.

I found Google HTML/CSS guide:

On top of making websites responsive, and mobile-friendly etc. Feel free to add any standards/guidelines you adhere to when making a website.

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Here are some front end guides that were posted on HackerNews either today or yesterday which may be useful:

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JavaScript has some established style guides too, notably from Airbnb and Google, which are listed here:

HTML5 guides:

CSS3 guides:

CSS methodologies:

There are also various unofficial mantras like “mobile first”, “HTML first”, and “accessible” for best practices.

And of course, always use the W3C Validator and Google PageSpeed Insights to check your code and performance, respectively.

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