Guion Bluford Tribute Page feedback

Attached is my completed Tribute Page. It passed all the tests, but I am dissatisfied with it. I’ve struggled to keep it from sounding like either an obituary, or a wanna-be Wikipedia page. I welcome any feedback for improvement.

Guion Bluford Tribute Page

It’s the design that counts and your design is pretty good. It looks responsive. and is clearly laid out. One slight point on design is that the text line length is quite long and with the font-size as small as it is lying against the background colour off white, it made it hard for me to read. These are my personal opinions, but other than that I think this is actually really good and a very reasonable demonstration of the skills you have been learning from the course.

Well done!

Funnily enough, I thought the font was too BIG so reduced it a few times before posting it, so that is easily remedied. Sometimes you stare at a thing so long, you can’t see the issues. Thanks very much!

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No problem, I have found Kevin Powell to be quite helpful. If you’ve not already checked out some of his things, do give his stuff a watch. He is a good teacher, both of how to code and conveying design specific ideas and tips. I learnt about line length from him. I’d never thought about it before and I think the concept goes back to the days of print…

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Your page looks good @jay1937. Something to revisit;

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Now this is the sort of thing I thought I might be missing. I’ve seen you give this piece of advice to others and I’ve looked at both of those things, but apparently missed the lesson.
Do you mean something like this, where I have made a different group of words the link?

<a href="" target="_blank">Guion Bluford at NASA</a>

Yes, that’s a bit better. The point about accessibility here is that screenreader’s to not read every word on the page. Someone using a screenreader with what you previously had would not know what “wikipedia” and “nasa” are for because they hear them out of context.

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