Guitar Machine(Drum Machine)

Hello everyone,

I have just finished my Drum Machine (Guitar Machine) project using React . Link to project is:

I would love to hear everyone’s feedback and suggestions I can use to improve my project. Thank you.

I like the idea and design. It works hitting the buttons slowly (iPadOS safari). But if I touch them faster the sounds play out of order.

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Hey there,

great work so far, I like it!

My ideas:

  • when I decrease the width of my browser, the buttons become really small
  • as eoja mentioned, I have to hit the keys very slowly
  • bonus task: I use a non-us keyboard, so your z is my y; you could ask the user for this

Keep us posted!

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Hi, the project is great, the graphics is neat, and it works.

Of course I know more sophisticated apps in this field eg

  • from ButtonBass to Noteflight
  • or CreativeCoding works like EarSketch and Puredata

so you just make me imagine a storing sequence (a sheet?) which can be played and modified (actually a music editor) and why not add as many of these tools you can: bassline, drumset, effects, you know.

Very nice project

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