Guy please help

hi guys. I just opened that account so ı couldn’t understand what to do. I read things like completing the mission or creating new topic. Now, What am ı supposed to do ? Can somebody help please?

Hey @gizemhl73 Welcome to the forum its a place where people ask questions, ask for help, suggestions, feedback, advice etc. What is it that you are looking for ?

ı just saw the page of exercise. now I am completing the html exercises.After that, what am ı supposed to do ?

Which exercise are you on?

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Hey there welcome to the forum! The main goal of the course is to learn how to make websites using Html, CSS, and JavaScript. You’ll learn all three languages as you progress in the course.

It won’t be easy but if you put your mind to it you can reap the rewards and if you want get a job in the industry as a web developer!

if you have any questions the forum is here to help!

Have fun!
Best, Cy499_Studios

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Also I want to mention that I recommend doing the courses in order, the html, CSS, the projects, and then onto JavaScript, and so on.

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First, visit your curriculum, and test yourself. if you have questions about the test, just ask in google or forum.

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ı am working on html exercise now

I got it.Thank you for all.

thank u very much
ı tried but ı couldnt find then I exit from the page and entered again. Automatticly html page has opened. I didn’t understand how ı find it. ıf you know, can you explain to me?

when you get to the first page of “freecode” site, you can see the button named

just click it, then you can see the button

or under the button, there are several courses to learn.
try it. and have fun.

ı am so appreciated for this thank u very much