Guys i'm having trouble to understand why the comparison does not work here - Basic Algorithm

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function findLongestWordLength(str) {
let arr1 = str.split(" ").reverse();
let arr2 = str.split(" ");
let final = 0;
for(let i = 0;i<arr1.length;i++){
    final = arr1[i];
return console.log(final.length);


findLongestWordLength("The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog");

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Challenge: Find the Longest Word in a String

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I’m curious… why are you reversing the string? And comparing the reversed string to the original string?

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I also need help

Welcome, Rafael.

The main issues are:

  1. You are returning console.log()
  2. What if arr1[i] and arr2[i] are the same length?

Hope this helps

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I did not know what I was doing, but your question made sense and I did the challenge, thank you man