Guys please I need some advice

Hi guys, I love coding. it’s been six months since I started to learn to code and finally, I learned HTML and CSS. Recently I’ve started to think that It took me so long for learning just HTML and CSS (and I must say the reason it took me so long is that my English is not good so I needed to double-check and translates everything to understand them). Now I feel maybe coding is not good for me and I should give up. Please give me some guidance to stay motivated.

Hi. I am not native English speaker. Now my English is decent and can learn here without serious language-based struggle.

But for some of my background that was not the case.

Part of my responsibilities was to analyze news about stock market. American one. And such news was never translated on my native language. That was sometimes very challenging. My English was somewhat OK in terms of basic understanding of grammar, but my vocabulary was not enough.

But through practice I got better.

I don’t have any opinions about 6 months and timing in general.

By the way, in your post English is OK I think.

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HI @Mad !

Welcome to the forum!

If you enjoy coding then you should continue with your studies.
There have been plenty of people, both native english and non native english speakers, who have spent 6 months or longer going through HTML and CSS.

I have been on the forum for a while, and it is very common for people to spend months on the first course.

You should be proud of your progress and learn on your own timeline.

It is way more important to learn well then rush through things and not develop the skills in the end.

Keep on learning and building! :slight_smile:

Thank you so much for your kind words it inspired me a lot. I didn’t know that there is people like me who took this much time. I discovered this community just this morning must say it’s very helpful to have a connection with other programmers around the world I’m not a negative person but I was a little worried about my timing. thank you so much again, and I will continue coding cause it’s very sensational!

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Thank you for sharing your experience. learning English is very challenging for me especially when I’m trying to learn by myself on YouTube and there is nobody around me to speak English with. But I practice a lot with myself and I’m getting better at it day by day. Thanks again. (by the way, I use Grammarly :slightly_smiling_face:)

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