Guys what is the problem here?

Tell us what’s happening:
Your radio buttons should be given the
name attribute of indoor-outdoor.
Your code so far

<label><input type="radio"name=“indoor-outdoor”>Indoor
<label><input type="radio"name=“indoor-outdoor”>Outdoor

Challenge: Create a Set of Radio Buttons

Link to the challenge:

I think you need a space between attributes.

It looks like you’re using the wrong type of quotes.

and are not " which is what we use in HTML.

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Agreeed, that needs to be fixed too.

I don’t think spacing between HTML attributes is required. (Haven’t checked the spec, but at least freeCodeCamp and CodePen (FireFox) don’t mind if there’s no spacing.)

I tested the corrected version of OP’s answer in freeCodeCamp without changing spacing, and an arbitrary div in CodePen. Both worked perfectly fine.

<div id="test"class="testing">
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Huh. That’s aweful and I hate it. At the very least I’d include space to make it human readable, but I hate that it’s not actually required.