Gym Website Review

Hi, I have been building this website for the past week and was wondering what everyone’s take on it was. Be harsh as you can. This gym website is fake and I am just using it add another project to my portfolio.

Thank you very much :slight_smile:

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Great to see there a man that is trying to make and making something for a real world (not just proof of concept sketches).
At first look I did not ever think that it is a fake.
Other your projects are also great.
I like you. :heart:

1. Different type of light. incompatible… (my nbad English). These photos are too different.

2.Let them work. maybe just slide down to a men’s section?

3. This trick only works good if images are nearly-equal and can slide seamlessly.

4. Better use only one photo. This or that.

Just leave a big field of image without text or buttons. It will be ok.

Anyway, good and interesting project, man.

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