H2 run the tests

I’m just getting started with your program, but it wont allow me to complete the second challenge. I believe I have the entry correct, but when I enter run test it never completes the challenge.Tell us what’s happening:

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<h1>Hello World</h1>

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Hello @mas0484 Welcome to the forum; I have tried your code and it seems it works fine. Does the fcc tells u some error when you run the test? Did you tried refreshing the webpage? (: Let us know if you solved it

No it doesn’t show an error code, just when I try to run the test I never receive the prompt that I completed the challenge so I can’t continue. Yes I’ve refresh the page. It works when I use I am using my phone, but on both my computers nothing happens when hit the ‘run the tests’ key

I suggest trying a different browser
The suggested browsers are google chrome and Firefox

Yep that was it,
Thank you