Hack-a-thons... What to expect?

Hello everyone,
I just signed up for my first hack-a-thon and curious about what should I expect in terms of what people usually work on. I have familiarity with Java, Android, C/C++, Assembly Language, Web Dev, and just general Computer Science knowledge as any Junior-level university student should have. Yet, I still don’t know what I should be studying or working on to prepare myself for this. I’m being realistic and not expecting to come in win the top prize, I just want to collaborate with other and experience being around other developers for 24 hrs. Any info is greatly appreciated. Happy Coding…

Let us know how it goes.

Hi. I just participated in my first hackathon the last weekend. We were told to build an app in the next 24 hours or so using whatever languages we wanted to use (it could be anything, but bonus points if it was banking-related, since the hackathon was hosted by a bank. What you’ll build could be different). There were also experienced mentors who went around and offered advice. Since you only have 24 hours, you should focus on the app’s core functionality (features that are nice to have but not essential can come later if time permits). There will probably be lots of food too :meat_on_bone:. At the end, you’ll present your idea for a few minutes in front of the crowd. You might have to throw together a quick PowerPoint.

Note that all of the participants were teams of students, most of which have no prior hackathon experience.

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Excellent, perfect response. I’ve been making sure to study on the core concepts of JavaScript and OOP. I’m sure I won’t be the least experienced programmer there, but I rather try to enter feeling more confident than that. If you can share what your team worked on and what languages you guys used, it would greatly appreciated. But I understand if there was some kind on non-disclosure agreements or something of the sort.

Do you have a team, or are you going solo? If you have a team, know your teammates’ skills/specializations well. We couldn’t decide on that, so we couldn’t complete a demo-worthy app :disappointed: