Hacker Rank Tuple Problem

Hi Everyone,

I need your Help. I am new to Python and come across this Hacker Rank Tuple Problem and want to write this as simplest as possible.

Q. Given an integer, n, and n space-separated integers as input, create a tuple, t, of those n integers. Then compute and print the result of hash(t).

My Code :- (But its throwing error as per Hacker Rank)

n = int(input())
t = tuple(map ( int , input().split()))

It looks like a HackerRank bug. If you choose Pypy 3 instead of Python 3 for the language and submit your code, it will pass. It should pass using Python 3 though.

Hey Thanks Randell,

Yes it is working for Pypy3 , Most probably there is a bug, otherwise it should be passed in Python 3 as well.