HackerRank just started a 24 hour coding contest

HackerRank just started a 24 hour coding contest
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There are 8 challenges.

It’s called World CodeSprint 5.


I’m stuck with the moderate ones. I thought I was getting somewhere with the string one, but no luck :sweat:


Yeah, I managed to get solutions for the first two that still didn’t pass all the tests… then I read the third problem and was like wow… definitely not easy but hey I didn’t expect it to be!


I looked at the solutions, and while I got halfway through with the array one, the string problem’s dynamic programming solution was definitely not something I was even close to (although I had an unsuccessful DP solution so maybe it’s not so bad?). The gap between moderate and easy problems is a lot larger than I expected. Definitely need a lot more practice to become competitive in these.