Hacktoberfest Spam - volunteers?

I like Hacktoberfest. I try to make valuable contributions, work on UI, code and doc translations, help out with responsive design and error-checking and whatever I can. I think it’s a good idea. I like seeing others gain confidence from it too, and the open source community being so welcoming.

Unfortunately it does make some people idiots. FCC is being spammed with people submitting PRs containing nothing more than the words ‘my change’ or some other equally inane statement, meaning moderators and volunteers are spending time invalidating and closing their submissions than they are able to monitor genuine submissions. I’m keen to crack on with the Spanish translation, but at this rate, maybe not til the month is over.

Is there a possibility for genuine users to volunteer for minimal write access just to close off the completely duff PRs and free up a little time for the mods, and cutting that 5000+ PR list down? I doubt there’s be much of a gray area. Someone literally writing “blah blah I want a free t-shirt” doesn’t exactly have room to challenge the decision.


I’d like to help :slight_smile:

Pop over to the Contributors room in Gitter. (I’m on mobile right now, but if you you can’t find the link I’ll post it here when I get to a real computer.)

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@ArielLeslie nothing’s going on there, but I found an invalid PR.

It may not be very active at the moment. I think that most of the users are in the US where it’s somewhere between 5 am and 9 am right now.

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I’m in US too. Someone just replied

As am I. My point was just that it’s not at its most active at 5am :smiley:

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