Had a job, looking again

So… about a year ago I finally got a job in web development. I was super excited and really enjoyed the job alot… then they downsized… Now I am looking again.

So I have to say without a doubt that finding your first job is hard, but finding a job with a year of experience and not in the fields they want is even harder. Gotta keep working at it. Jobs here pretty much require knowledge of a framework, and that’s something I don’t have…

If anyone has any pointers please let me know!

If you’re more front end and visually inclined try Vue. Personally, I love React and it’s currently more popular, especially with startups and smaller companies willing to use cutting-edge and rapidly changing tech.

Definitely find a framework now that you have experience. You have the fundamentals down so picking up a framework shouldn’t be too hard.

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I like the idea of learning Vue, however the job market out here in Austin, TX is all React and Angular. Sticking with React for now, but defiantly want to get into Vue.

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