Hadeymike landing page

Please help me peruse this work inorder to improve on the design

My opinion:

  • Improve the main image quality
  • Increase the logo size
  • Avoid italic font in the page title

You’re doing great.

Hi @Hadeymike10, welcome to the forums. Your page looks okay. Some things to revisit;

  • run your code through a validator other than the one codepen provides. You have a mismatched quote and a closing </div> that doesn’t have an opening one. There are a couple of other issues that it will show that you should clean up.
  • Use external CSS for styling everything. You have a couple of instances of inline CSS
  • This @import url("https://fonts.google.com/specimen/Roboto/"); is not the correct way to import the font. When you click on the plus sign to select the font, you’ll see at the bottom of your browser that there’s a family selected. Click on it to expand and then select either ‘standard’ or ‘import’ and from there copy and paste what you need.
  • It’s also odd that you’d import a font to be used as your fall back. Your fallback font should be something like ‘serif’ or ‘sans-serif’ in case your desired font doesn’t load for some reason.
  • Run your CSS through codepen’s validator. You have a typo that affect how your button will look when defined correctly.