Half-way through my portfolio and ready to get feedback!

Hi guys!
As the title says, I’m halfway through my portfolio and I’m ready to get feedback on how to improve it! Could be design or coding or colors you don’t like! Sometimes I get to stuck on small details, I forget the bigger picture! Thanks guys!

Hello @eloiseboileau, you have a 404 on your link right there

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I assume it’s this one http://codepen.io/eloiseboileau/full/pEoKro/
Looks good for the first time. Only the fifth design of my portfolio that I did, I kinda liked. You will get better as you practice if you don’t like this one.

Note that you shouldn’t put link tags on codepen there. It actually goes into “stuff for head” when you click on the gear icon next to HTML.

Hello, this looks great, I would add margins to the navigation bar for the about and project pages (when clicked the headers for these are directly in contact with the bar), from a UX standpoint this will look much more efficient :slight_smile:.

It looks good but it should be mobile responsive too. Bootstrap grid should solve this easily.


Fixed that – thank you for pointing out!

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This can’t be short of awesome. I’m waiting to see the end product.

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Hey @usyyy!

So I tried addding margin to my navigation bar and it didn’t change anything. I also tried to add padding, which makes it worst (the navigation bar gets over my title with padding) I tried adding padding and margin to the about section itself but the navbar always seems to reach the middle of the about section, like where the text is, instead of the top of the section. Do you have a tip for me? Thanks! :slight_smile:

I will work on that for sure! Thanks!

looking good! I have just started mine as well, hopefully will looking as good as yours! I like the way you created circle placeholders for your sites nice idea.

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Thank you, it means a lot, really. I’m kind of going with the flow, thinking that it’ll never look super professional but then, I remember that everybody has to start somewhere, right?

Hello, unfortunately I have the same issue :frowning:, so if and when you have a solution. Let me know!

wow its nice! but on small screen your social media buttons are not rightly spaced. if you can solve this mobile responsive issue then it would be awesome! :slight_smile: