Handlebars.js Learning Resources

Hi All,

Can anyone recommend an up-to-date HandlebarsJS overview? Preferably in video format?

I’m struggling to find anything recent :’(


Did you try with npm or github? For example, If you’re working with express, there is express handlebars on npm, with a good intro right there.

It’s a matter of tinkering and re-reading, and you’ll get it working.

Thanks for the the response Minsky…

Usually I read documentation and tinker, but wanted a high level overview, and prefer video format.

The most recent videos I have found are years out of date, so wondered if there was anything more recent. If not, the old videos will have to do.

Nothing’s really changed, it’s an extremely simple templating system and the [tiny] API is basically the same as when it was first created. Old stuff will be fine

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