Hanz and Franz Landing page Feedback

Hey guys, looking for a little feed back on my landing page project, just css and html. Made this one pretty fast on my laptop while traveling like two weeks ago. Based the landing page off one of my favorite SNL skits, hope you at least find it funny if you are not familiar with these guys. Let me know what you think. I would love some feedback on how to build the services section to be a little nicer, that one was kinda confusing to figure out how I wanted to structure it.
Hyped the form is back up and running again!


The colors. The colors are not contrasting well.

Easy enough fix, thanks for the feedback! “Updated them”

This is be a good project if it is your first project.But if you feel you have some good experience the i think you should be doing much more better than this and if you want some inspiration on bow to make it nicer check out:

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Fourth project, I am still learning. I’ve only been at it since around May. Thanks for the feedback, your portfolio looks good!