Happiness Survey Project

I finished making the survey page under responsive Web design section. I would love to receive feedback from you.
The project link is https://codepen.io/sunakshi96/full/vbGWRy

Best Regards

Something is wrong with your dropdown selectors. It is white text on white background, pretty bad.
You can style drop down menu by adding css to option elements:

option {

Or you can just make option elements in html itself have class and style that class.

Also, introduction text font is to small from my perspective, I think you should make it little bit bigger.
Other then that, I like it.

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Thanks a ton @arigoru
I have made the changes you suggested, please find the attachment. Let me know in case there any other changes.

I like it, looks way better. The only other change I would propose from the top of my head would probably to look on submit button and maybe play around with it to make it more matching to the style, and make it take only 80-90 percent of space, since it looks odd that it touches borders like that.

Other then that I think you have lovely theme going, I like blue color myself.

My first iteration portfolio page challenge was blue as well: