Hard problem Animation CSS3 with gradient color on click with icon

Thank you so much for your answer everybody. . I have just problem for my project, I’m student, I must just use CSS3 no js and jquery. But I understand a little your answer.
OK so it’s not Hover, If I want the icon heart to fill up when the user clicks?
It’s :focus or :active, I’m confuse, I’m junior.

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First of all, thank you very much for writing, and for explaining to me in so much detail. Thank you so much. I forgot to specify a detail, I am on a project which must only be done in css, no bookstores, JS and jquery are accepted, I am students. But I understand your message and examples. I will take your advice.

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Oh it makes sense now. I was wondering why not just do it in JS. lol :smiley:

lasjorg was talking about some CSS “tricks” you could use to keep it filled once clicked.

When I was testing fas fas-heart and set CSS .fas-heart:visited::before to fill, it worked if I click and hold mouse button, but went back to not filled when I released the mouse button.

I couldn’t find the right combination of properties to make it stay filled.

@lasjorg would have more knowledge on how to do it than me.

Alright, I understand better, I will look at your explanation, on pen. Thank you so much. Hoping that I will finish my animation in css.:crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:

For the presentation of my exam, project, The development will have to be done in CSS, without JavaScript.
But thank you.

Well, then I guess you got some researching to do. Like I said it can be done with pure CSS but if this is for an exam project I can only guide you. We do not post solution code to people’s homework.

Thank you very much for your help I found a solution in css by integrating two, I looked at your, code, mine plus that of @a_aramini :slight_smile:
I used the same properties.
I integrated the first i, and I made the second appear on top of the other.Thanks again for the time. At least for the future I will be doing it in css and js.

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Congratulations on getting it figured out! Yes, in the future, after your class project, you can do it the easier way. :smiley:

Glad we could help!

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:slight_smile: :slight_smile: thank you very much

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