Hard Work Starting to Pay Off!

I don’t know if i can put into words how awesome I think you guys(and girls) are.
I really like the new Js curriculum. And i just learned today that you guys are actually having a live schedule coming up . Ive been wanting to learn web development for a long time, i did your responsive web design course last year and loved it. Although it took me quite some time to get even a bit of a fundamental grasp of Js. But…
Ive stuck with it, I mean I’m not ready to start looking for job with my coding skills or anything, but between your updated curriculum here , finding THE ODIN PROJECT and just coding for like 13 hours a day for the last month, have all started to pay off. I grasp concepts that were foreign to me 3 weeks ago. I guess I am just trying to say: I APPRECIATE YOU ALL!emphasized text