Hard working database

I was working during 4 hours with database. But after I finished my work, I closed SQL Server 2012. In some hours, I had to open this database, but I couldn’t do it. At opening, I saw SQL Server Table Corruption Error. I’ve never seen such messages. I’m in hard situation, in some days this database must be ready.

There are many variants to help you. One of it SQL Server Management Studio.

Another one is repair ms sql server, I applied it only in emergency cases, I hope guide will help you, if not, see this instrument. I found it immediately in Google, probably it is the best in this sphere.

Start SQL Server Management Studio

Click the “Start” button. Move the mouse cursor to the “All Programs” menu, then find and click “Microsoft SQL Server” to open a list of SQL Server programs.

Click “SQL Server Management Studio” to open the Connect to Server dialog box.

Select a server on your network. Set the “Authentication” pull-down list to “Windows Authentication” and click the “Connect” button.

Not a direct answer, but this could be becasue of defective hard disk drive(or the tablespace you tried to persist data).

Try to run a disk check on both drive(place) SQL engine is running(probably C), and the place you tried to persist data(database file location)

I’m not sure if you could rollback to the expected latest state, but at-least you may be lucky to fix the problem.

Hope this helps.