Hardest course web development

Hi looking for the hardest course in web development I tried freeCodeCamp but I need something where I get to solve hard problems on my own to improve, remember the information I learn and develop problem solving ability.

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The hardest way to learn would be not to use a course. Just go build something.


what is the most difficult thing i can build in web dev

That’s a fairly meaningless question. The possibilities are infinite. Just build whatever you want to build.

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Difficulty is relative, anything you do not yet know how to do is difficult. If you keep piling on things you do not know how to do, it may end up making it nearly impossible.

If your goal is to learn there is no point in taking on the most “difficult thing” (whatever that might be) as it will likely just bog you down. It is like training a muscle, you don’t start with the heaviest thing you can lift a single time. You start with something you can lift multiple times then you increase the weight slowly over time.

Highly interactive UI with lots of state. E.g. a user dashboard with multiple data sources, drag-and-drop reordering, filtering, search, etc.

Complex relational data and interactions between them (think FB/Meta level social network).

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