Hardware and networking knowledge?

Hello. I am wondering if someone could tell me what level of hardware and networking knowledge is required in order to become employed as a web developer. Then after one is employed, how much of the day to day work is concerned with hardware and networking troubleshooting as opposed to troubleshooting software. I enjoy programming and working on software solutions, but I am not very interested and don’t want to spend a lot of time working on hardware and network issues at my job. Just trying to get an idea of what the job is like if anyone has any experience or insight. Thank you.

You shouldn’t have to deal with the hardware at all. There should be someone hired specifically for IT.

I come from an IT background, while I find the Web developers arent asked to deal with Hardware & Networks issues, is a handy knowledge to defend yourself, for example a knowledge of Hardware is to understand how to Server works and for networks, you have a lot of networks protocols to understand how the web works, DNS,HTTP/S,TCP/IP that isnt a must but will make you understand more of what you are doing.

You can get a good high-level overview of networking in just a few days here

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Yeah as stated above, for most places, and especially big companies or government entities, software development people do not touch hardware. In general there is another side-by-side department for that. That is unless you are working for Cisco and you are working on the actual packet transfer software or something like that.