Hardware help needed. Oil from fans or radiator leak?

Hello, my screens started to go off while computer was still running, after i opened the case
i found this

I am not sure if its oil or liquid from cpu cooler(corsair h60) but its found on the fan on the top of the case too. If I could get some advice if there is a point of getting new cpu cooler or just change fans ? Thanks a lot in advance.

Looks like it could do with a clean! Have the fans stopped turning? What does the system say the CPU temp is? Is it unusual?
Not sure what that oil material is. I’ve never had to oil my PC! :joy:

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The only liquid will be coming from the liquid cooling/radiator… so you probably have a leak. It could even be it’s already dry, and you’re overheating and cpu is shutting down. (Like what happened to my PowerMac G5 dual 2.5Ghz.)

I’d suggest using just plain Arctic Freezer fan/heatsink if you’re on a budget, or Noctua if you want silent operation. Both kinds can handle overclocking too up to 4.1 - 4.4Ghz. I’m using these 2 fans on 2 builds.

And yeah… clean them insides. All these dirt will act like insulation against cooling.


Pc was happily running, i found out when my screens lost signal few times and when i pull out the connector there was this oily liquid, you can see it on the pictures too. I have ordered this Noctua nh-d9l and some isopropyl alcohol to clean up leaks and the rest of the components, if i won’t be able to clean gpu ill just take it out as you dont really needed it for c# and javascript.
Thank you.