Hardware interface programming languages

As I use my software music tools for recording and editing audio, I’ve been wondering where does one start to learn this kind of programming where there is a software interface and a piece of hardware that can control it, say, via a USB connection.

Does anyone know what languages would be used for creating the hardware-controlling-a-software UI? How to even get started in a career like that?

Several Google searches nibbled around the edges and many of the articles were from the early 2000s.

Thanks for any feedback from folks who have looked into this and discovered solutions.

Many of these Arduino examples look like they control other hardware or maybe they toggle settings in software but I can’t find one where the software UI is actually changed by a hardware slider or knob movement.

This may be the best example I’ve found. Jump to 3:40 in the video.

What language could be used for this kind of programming?