Harvard cs50 scoring method

Hello everyone
I have completed the first week or rather the week 0 of the harvard cs50 course and I have moved to the week 1 of the course. I have watched the lecture and have submitted the first hello program in the first problem set. I have got full score in the correctness of my program and for the style I have got 1 point. Is it good and would somebody be able to tell me about the scoring method?

Hi @arunakiri2016!

When you execute style 50 it will tell you what you should do in order to improve the style of your code. Usually this means adding a few comments. So if you want perfect scores on the problem sets then you should follow the advice of style 50. Otherwise you can skip it. I think a passing grade is 70% for the certificate.

1 point is max you can get for the style :wink:

Like @jwilkins.oboe said, you can check it with style50. If you get less than 1 but you want to have 100% everywhere you can always resubmit the problem set. CS50 will only count your most recent submission.